James Stevens started producing psy in 2000 in Melbourne Australia when the psychedelic scene was starting to take over the club circuits and spreading its wings to the outdoors. Production was taking over the dj booths and the dance floor craved that personal gift that only a few could produce.

Amongst the top if the crop was I.O.S. You knew something was manifesting inside your core as you awakened to the melodies and synth stabs that sound engineers and producers knew how to deliver with his first release on Tribeadelic Records in 2003 self titled album then his second album illusion of choice in 2005.

I.O.S’s fearless footprint on the trance floor was welcomed by all as they danced into a enlightening realm. This was something more ..this was what we were all waiting for… intelligent psychedelic sounds that took you on a journey through the inner and outer worlds of consciousness. I.O.S knew the path to take that navigated the dance floor to a place we only dreamed about.

His music made you feel something as he connected and guided those who did not hold back and believed that you could dance deep into our crazy cosmos. With his live sets he has set a standard in performing and production that is respected all over Australia with releases on Procyon records, climatic records and many other independent labels.

The release of his new album is guaranteed to ignite the psy scene all over the world once again. Leading the way with the wisdom of his sound will generate love and light for all who are present. You will know I.O.S has stepped up to decks as he opens the door to self awareness and for you to embrace the joyful journey that he creates.


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