Flagrant is the new project of Omar Castro,producer born in Guadalajara Mexico, city where he is involved in the Psy-Trance movement
mixing in parties since 2003 with the name of Ahau, later through a Live Act in conjunction with Zirahuen Romo and Arturo Armenta,
which obtains early acceptance in the national scene: The Lysergic Orchestra.
Creating hi tech (now called full on night) music with very strong influences of rock and metal, thus creating its new and particular sound.
With this project he travels all over the country acquiring a wide experience, sharing scenarios with the greatest exponents of the national and international scene.
which leads him to Create the record label Lysergic Records of which he is currently owner and Manager, which has been the launching pad for such important
projects as stereopanic, iliuchina, h1n1, digital murders, ctrlz3ta among others.

Flagrant presents us with a Live Act that takes up its rock influences but at the
same time develops a personal sound based on intense beats and an aggressive melodies and guitars that together give us a powerful combination.

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