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Cristian Cervantes a.k.a. Drystortion was born in 1990 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. He love for music began at an early age, influenced by Punk, Metal, and EBM, and in his teens he started to learn to play the guitar. It was not long after that he heard Psy trance for the first time, and it made an instant and lasting impression on his perception of sound, fascinated by how this kind of music could break all the schemes and rules of the majority of music genres…

After that experience, he started producing psy trance under the artistic name of “Bit Morrison”, influenced by Cristian’s musical admiration of Jim Morrison… However in time he decided to change his name to “Drystortion” (Fusion of Dry and Distortion, in spanish “Distorsion seca”). A name that conceptualizes the future of his sound, the distorted and powerful force of the guitar, aggressive and maniac melodies that will make your body pulse with an overload of adrenalin, along with the frequencies of catastrophic basslines, generating a supreme and unstoppable rumble on the dancefloor!!!

Drystortion has had the opportunity to work with many record labels of international stature incl. Kaos Krew Records (SA), Terror Lab Industries (MX), Mechanik Records (USA), Dementia Society Records (MX), MMD Records (SA) & Disasterpiece Records (SA), in the process collaborating with some of the very best twilight artists locally and internationally, an indication of his fast growing skill and international future as a twilight artist. In Oct 2014 he joined the global Kaos Krew Records family, cementing a bright future ahead of this young Mexican prodigy. To celebrate, he joined two of his countrymen who joined the family as well, and concocted a mega explosive 3 track EP with one of the bosses of the label, a little salvo to announce his intent to get rock and rolling on another level now… So crank up the juice, crank up the volume, Drystortion is here, and his just tuning up the band!!!

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