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VA - Augmented Invasion compiled by Psyphoria


Psyphoria is the brainchild of the Australian mixing mastermind and globe trotting Don De Valle, and With almost 20 years of experience with psychedelic trance, and having mixed it since his youth, Psyphoria is about taking a fresh approach to DJ performance. With the trends of the scene being less evolved when it comes to DJ performance, Don’s aim is to create something that stands out from the rest…

You may describe it as a fusion of mixing theory from many genres including but not limited to techno, house, breaks and trance, but adapted to the awesome power of psychedelic music and particularly the night time genre of full on.

As the approach is based on looking at the aspects within the science of music, mathematics and illusion, Psyphoria sets out to mesmerize each audience he gets into contact with, ensuring they never know what to expect, and delivering an experience that they will never forget…

From mid 2015 Don has been also a Manager of Kaos Krew Records, Guiding the label expansion and also helping the acts grow and produce more successful releases.
Psyphoria is currently representing Kaos Krew, Fractal Records (Switzerland), Dropland Recordings (Spain) and Terror Lab Indsutries (Japan) With his next generation live DJ performance, and with his keen ear for the sound and purveyance of extreme dance floor music,  Expect a FULL POWER live mixed experience like no other in the scene today!!!

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    • Abstrakt

      Awww mate, i wish the dj would play something we could dance to! ;)


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