DJ Psycore

Tadeo Garcia AKA Dj Psycore, influenced by the music of genres Black Metal, Death Metal & Grind Core, Psychedelic, Full On Night, Hitech.


His taste of music begin in the passion of general music, oh this way start to involve in the knowledge of CD players at his 16 years olds and star his career as a DJ Dj Psycore is know it for his deep, serious and powerful style on the decks with dark and involved sounds better known as full on night and twilight in the dance floor,



Recently released a compilation with his old house (Dementia Society Records) called V / A – Acid Core Therapy and working on a new project compiled for MMD Records.

Psycore is currently working on the labels Lysergic Records, MMD Records & Kaos Krew Records.

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