Dirge is the twilight Psy-Trance project of Melbourne born Mike O’Shea – for 2 years now he has pushed the sound of the world’s best tune operators, spreading the twilight message one dance floor at a time.
Attracted initially to the trance-inducing and energy-inspiring elements of full-on Psy-Trance artists such as Space Tribe; Electric Universe and Laughing Buddha, Mike quickly found his niche in
the South African and Mexican styles of night-time full-on.
Having grown up listening to melodic and symphonic metal for most of his life, the transition into the heavier and darker spectrum of psytrance was seamless.

A ‘dirge’ is defined as a lament for the dead; a mournful song, piece of music or sound..
Encapsulating the essence of our shadow and encouraging us to face the darkness that we spend much of our lives running from, night-time Psy-Trance has an important role to play in the evolution of man.
When we confront our dark side and learn to harmonise and work with it, we return to a true understanding of self and a trans-formative mental process begins.
Time stands still – we die and are reborn.

The idea behind Dirge is simple – to promote self-awareness, self-development and self-discipline through the power of trance-dance.
Through the power of Kaos we will all grow together.

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