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CtrlZ3ta is one of the most important and explosive high tech psychedelic acts to emerge from Mexico in recent years. Originally established as a duo in 2007 with Pablo Perez, but has now developed into a potent one man show with Ricardo Morales as the driving force behind this massive sonic assault…

Ricardo started mixing at a young age, and by the age of 17 had already developed potent dj skills.  He was first exposed to the psychedelic spectrum of music in 2004, and was as many others before him very attracted to this strange, but enchanting sound at the time.  He promptly established a psy trance dj act as Psykiatrik, and started experimenting with production in 2005.  His early influences were GMS, Absolum, CPU, Skazi & Paranormal Attack to name the most important ones.  By 2007 he was performing regularly as a dj in his home country.  He continued to hone his skills and by 2009 he had his first taste of true production success with his first album, Nightmare Has Begun, a much darker sound than his current high tech offering…

Since then he has developed a more high tech edge to his sound, and has performed alongside the likes of Sinful Reactions, Absolum, Brainwash, Alienn, A-Mush, Panayota, Frozen Ghost, Terranoize, Khopat, Orca, Lost and Found, D.N.I, Tryambaka, CPU, Sick Matutero, Psychotic Micro, Waio, Beat Hackers, X Noize & Biogenesis to name just a few…  His first international tour was to Portugal in 2011, where he cemented himself as one of the rising Mexican stars.  He also forms part of the explosive H1N1 duo, combining forces with another Mexican terror, Stereopanic to create a very combustible mixture.

In the beginning of 2013 he became a part of a growing team of some of the best night time producers in the world at Kaos Krew Records, intent on continuing his own growing reputation.  Since then he has released his 2nd artist album ‘Atomic Bomb’ on Kaos Krew Records, as well as establish a brand new duo act with one of the young guns in Mexico, fellow destroyer, Drystortion, an act aptly named The Punishment Department… In Dec 2014 he will be releasing his brand new EP on his resident label, this time exploring some deeper sounds while still maintaining maximum power!!! Lots more in store from this Mexican fire brand, so be sure to follow this growing legend as he continues to weave his journey of kaos through the psychedelic underground…

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