Cruzado Motion

CruZado Motion is the cheeky love child of Luke ‘Trigga’ Langford and Tyron ‘Psyfrog’ Berry, purely created to rock night time dance floors!!!

Tyron Berry is the CT local who ditched the race track to make tracks of his own, with a real passion for psy production he felt this was his calling and moved quickly on it. With many hours clocked in the studio with Cape Town’s legendary valley producer, Xatrik, he now has a great sense of track structure and a real feel for the flow of the music. He is always on the mark with his mixes, and without fail he will keep dropping the right tune at the right time…

Luke Langford, another CT local, started off mixing under the name “Restless Native” playing a harder, darker brand of psychedelic music for only the most underground of events at the time. After a few years of dj’ing his fire brand style of psy, he decided he wanted to play on the bigger stages, and so Trigga was born. He dropped the bpm and and added 2 scoops of funk as he aimed for a more groovy, yet powerful psychedelic sound, keeping it playful and maintaining a good flow as he continued learning his craft.

Both these promising young artists are signed to ETM (Eternal Trip Media) with their solo acts PsyFrog and Trigga, and more recently towards the end of 2014, they were asked to join the insane team of artists at Kaos Krew Records as CruZado Motion, and together these guys put on one hell of a show, two of Cape Town’s up n coming beasts, creating a fusion of styles forming a hybrid sound packed with all the right ingrediants to keep you on the dance floor. Their mixes are smooth as silk, track selection like a science of groove, where pure power meets mischievious melody in a playful cocktail of psychedelic sounds and vibrations. It’s plain to see these young men mean business and are on a mission to find and play only the phattest of tracks, and with a genuine connection with the crowd, freestyling is never an issue as they both have a soft spot for all psychedelic beats and a passion to party…

With both a serious love for new unreleased bangers and the old classics, a near perfect dynamic of track selection is achieved in their sets to create a full power vibe that no dance floor will soon forget… Packed with loads of energy and plenty of smiles they are sure to hold a crowd until the very last moment!!!

Feel the power, feel the motion…

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