Cosmic Apocalypse
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Cosmic Apocalypse - Rise Of Anarchy EP VA - Evolution Of Knowledge compiled by Neurotic Cell Cosmic Apocalypse - Dimensional Revelations EP

Cosmic Apocalypse

Cosmic Apocalypse is the combined project of Backspace & Singularity aka Militant from Kaos Krew Records.

“The messengers of the apocalypse, a standing feature, destined to bring forth the apocalypse, the end of this current era…”

Legend has it that it is the Psychedelic Prophets who reveal Gaia’s justice as taking place in the future of our dimension through apocalyptic visions by the future proteges known as Cosmic Apocalypse, and by exploring the darker recesses of the psychedelic mind, these apocalyptic messengers vividly present a picture of coming events, and ultimately what they perceive the future to sound like…

These protégés of the new digital age are unrivalled in passion and drive for the inevitable revolution of psychedelic music and through their combined experience of more than a decade, aim to represent their unique interpretation of this intense form of music, creating the platform for a new age of psychedelic music, a new awareness of self.

As A&R Managers for one of the most exciting digital music record labels in the business today, Cosmic Apocalypse are in a unique position to usher in this new era as messengers, acting as a medium for enlightenment during a time where truth is the new frontier, shedding old ways, old prejudices, and constantly raising the bar and pushing the human evolution towards new psychedelic frontiers of discovery and development, ultimately creating a new consciousness on dance floors in this post-apocalyptic transition that lies ahead.

Creating a psychedelic order and Kaos simultaneously, Cosmic Apocalypse are starting to earn a reputation, showcasing their apocalyptic vision with malevolent intent, for any and all a dance floor they come across, incorporating clever mixing, razor sharp effects, mind consuming progression, and constantly acquiring the most secretive of weapons besides what they have been cooking up in the lab…

Continually smashing conventional expectations, be prepared for an apocalyptic experience that will leave you wanting more!!!

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