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Marco Pinto aka Brainwash was born in 1982 in Santarem (Portugal). He started his creative life in psychedelic trance as a dj in the year 2000, and 3 Years later he began to produce his own music and built his unique style very quickly.

In 2008, after a few high profile releases & international bookings in Japan amongst others, Marco was offered the opportunity to be a part of Fractal Records from Switzerland, as well as the event promotor “Space Nomad”. In 2009, after some blasting new tracks on various Fractal compilations, he released his first album “Do You Feel My Hard Beat” & at the same time a collaboration compilation with DJ Solaris called “Gaia-Tek 2″. These 2 masterpieces were well received by the world wide psy trance community and further cemented Marco’s reputation as a quality producer and DJ.

But he did not stop there, and has followed up with 2 further artist albums, Maximum Overload in 2010 and his recently released masterpiece Brainwash & Friends collaboration with some of the scene’s most loved and respected night psy producers. He has also released two neck breakingly powerful EP’s, one in 2011 on Fractal called Musical Experience, and his acclaimed Psychological War EP on Kaos Krew Records, a new ground breaking label formed in the beginning of 2012.

The next chapter in Marco’s musical experience has arrived, and with it a fresh new signing to Kaos Krew Records, 3 new EP’s released in 2014 and an artist album being planned for the future, he is ready to continue his legacy he has carefully built through the years…

So stay tuned & get ready for the brainwashing of your life!!!

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