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At 29 years of age, Michael Thomas is best known as Autopsy.

Born in New Zealand, Autopsy moved to Australia in 2000 and began his career in the Psy-trance scene under the alias Micro. Becoming a major player with Psychotic Episode, a now defunct group of talented artists who later became known as FOOL PROOF, he quickly established himself as an act to remember.

As part of one of Melbourne’s most active and well respected crews, Autopsy quickly evolved his skills to captivate the scene with his hard hitting, twisted and sinister sounds. With a high energy, Autopsy dissects beats with crisp precision, combined with an elevating stage presence he is always sure to stir up a ruckus.

Playing along side an array of world class acts such as Tryambaka, Abomination, Zion Linguist, Deliriant, Illegal Machines, Kindzadza, Ankur, Principles of Flight, Headroom, Chromatone, Nexus Crawler, Dark Nebula, Highko, Cosmo, Zen Mechanics, Tron, Broken Toy and many more, this is one act not to be missed!

At the end of 2012, he was offered a signing by emerging global phenomenon known as Kaos Krew Records from South Africa, a country well known for it’s pioneering role in blistering night time beats. Now part of the Kaos family, he intends to create more Kaos down under than ever before seen…

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