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Adir Moshe is the one man show behind the highly volatile and unstable production project known as Anxiety. With no past-experience or any background in theoretical music or live instruments, he felt a strange attraction to electronic music, he was amazed what could be accomplished by its progressions, atmospheres and feelings of euphoria. It was at this point when he decided to try his own hand at creating music. One thing led to another, and before he knew it, he had created the Anxiety project in 2010. It was not long after he also joined forces with Panayota in their new all out hardcore psychedelic act, Chimera, another level of beast on it’s own…

Since then he has constantly evolved his production techniques and fine tuned the very best of his earlier techniques to create an even more explosive package… With an almighty concoction of dark, brooding atmospheric elements blended with futuristic, metallic and psychedelic sounds, all served up with a proper dosage of thumping bass, precision percussion and huge high energy leads, he promises to deliver a full power, floor-breaking experience!!!

Be prepared for an all out no-holds-barred assualt on the senses!!!

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