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Android 17 - Modern Time EP

Android 17

Android 17 is Robin Peacock, a youngster hailing from Cape Town. After grasping the concepts and crafting beats from a young age, and under the guiding hand of one of CT’s most renowned psychedelic mad scientists, Rubix Qube, this boy genius has finally emerged from the lab to unveil his latest sonic inventions to the world!!! A sound that can only be described as raw & inspired, melting with twisted psychedelic sounds and arrangements, fueled by perfected bass lines that pound on the dark ambience…

In Mar 2014 he signed to Kaos Krew Records and gave the psychedelic community a little taste of what to expect in the future, releasing a 4 track ripper of a debut EP entitled “Modern Time”. Since then he has conjured up a very fresh progressive Live act, Liquid Viking, that is fast becoming a must see at the outdoor festivals in CT, with a signing to Psyology Records and a debut EP already released.

The future looks very bright for this young man, so we suggest you hop on the deep space train and take a trip to the outer rings with Android 17 as he explores the infinite psychedelic universe within the cosmos!!!

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