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This talented group from Porto, Portugal, originally started out as 3 members, consisting of Pedro Pinto (Dj Freakuency), Hugo Costa (Dj Fully) and Joao Pessoa (Original Pressure). Moved by their roots in DJ’ing, they started their journey into the creation of their own sound in 2009. After a relatively short time these individuals created a very unique and pulsating sound, that can only be described as high energy, creative sound scapes, with evolving atmospheres and searing melodies that will pierce your inner consciousness… Combine that with subliminal production techniques, powerful energetic rhythms and strong bass lines, you have an electrifying journey through psychedelic expression.

Having only released two tracks on VA’s worldwide, and their debut EP Strange Signal on Kaos Krew Records in June 2012, their journey had just begun… Kaos Krew Records was intent on giving these very talented artists the platform they deserved for their music to be heard by the worldwide psychedelic masses, and subsequently Algorhythm joined the label shortly after. Early in 2013, Joao decided to move on from the group, and Pedro & Hugo decided to continue their journey as Algorhythm.

Staying true to the nature of the project in music design principles and that of their concepts and ideas, they have consequently released two more EP’s, The Unified Field and Pangeia, on Kaos Krew Records, reaffirming their absolute dedication to sonic perfection and the true psychedelic dance floor experience. This is an act to watch for the future as they continue to develop into one of the most sublime live acts to hit Portugal in recent years, being constantly booked by the biggest promoters locally, and playing alonside some of the best acts in the local and international scene. These guys are destined for great things, so stay tuned… To trip algorhythmically!!!

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    • CósmicO

      Keep making those sick sounds, much brotherly love from Portugal!!!


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