Born out of a curiosity and need in an ever advancing technological global community, the core sonic manipulators continually experimentalized new advancements and ideas, and so the Kaos Krew was born out of this synthesized digital kaos. These test pilots of the digital age have been wreaking havok on the Cape Town (SA) underground scene for many years now, and have destroyed many minds along the path of kaos they have continued to sow.

Now they want to bring that blistering energy and intensity to the masses, showing their absolute passion for their vision in bringing quality releases and artists to the psychedelic community, hidden gems that need to be brought into the light. We see ourselves as the catalyst to building an Electronic Dance Music Empire, with many influential players & a collaboration of music never seen before from established artists, right through to the up & coming ones, in both the local (SA) & International Psychedelic Music Industry. All the extreme manipulators of otherworldly proportions, delivered sublimely to the masses.

The key to describing music on Kaos Krew Records would be hard hitting, intoxicating, psychedelic EPIC-ness created by transcendental visionaries, with new and exciting cutting edge ideas, to the point of creating absolute mayhem and Kaos wherever it may be heard, whether it be played from your bedroom stereo to the wide expanses of outdoor music festivals around the globe…



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